What is the Regalo H.U.G Project?

What is the Regalo H.U.G Project?

HUG - an act normally associated with feeling of love, offering security, and a way to show affection or gratitude.

H.U.G for the project stands for Humanity United in Giving.

The idea behind this project and the method or approach we have taken is simple. Instead of donating, we want to help the kids or the homes generate income for themselves.

This not only helps the kids or the homes selected, it gives confidence to the kids. It gives hope. It can help drive them. It creates ambition. It provides opportunity.

We hope that this concept becomes successful so other homes / shelters & other kids can benefit from this, be it financially or psychologically. 

We at REGALO are also open to ideas, suggestions & assistance from the general public to make this work.

Lets help them help themselves. Let's unite & give. Because being human means more when are united in a cause. Especially for a cause where the future of these children are at stake. 

Please visit https://3ciety.com/marketplace/seller/view/vendor/regalo to purchase any of the designs to begin your journey towards helping these children. 

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